Services include CD-R & ROM, DVD-R & ROM and Demand Printing.

CD-R Duplication
We are the only southeast based service company that utilizes CD Associates' Digital Analyzer technology as an integral part of the Quality Control process.  

This technology is coupled with high-end CD-R media and premium CD recordable drives so you (the client) receive CD-R's that can be trusted to perform.

It is common practice now for many software development houses to use CD-Recordable media for beta releases and short run production requirements from 10 to 1000 copies.

CD-ROM is still the media of choice for medium to long run production needs. We can handle your CD Fulfillment needs as well ranging from multiple drop ship locations to 1 CD per location. 

...and when the CD-ROM schedule gets tight (and you know it will),  we can produce CD-R or DVD-R materials with high-end labels or rimage thermal print that looks as good as your pressed product. 

Mitchell can take your data and premaster a DVD-R for you.  We can make additional copies too.. ranging from 1 to 100's.

Mitchell can take different types of input film media and digitize the content to MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime or AVI.

The latest DVD-R media will support two sided recording.  That means you can put @9.4 GB on a single disc.

For quantities over 50, it makes sense to stamp the discs.  We handle DVD-ROM stamping in much the same fashion as CD-ROM.

Mitchell can Fulfill the final DVD-ROM product to multiple drop locations or ship a disc to everyone on a distribution list.

Currently, we support the DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 formats.

Video Compression
We can assist you with MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime, and AVI compression technologies.  Betacam SP, Digi Betacam, VHS, or VHS-C are all input sources we can handle.

Mitchell can output MPEG1 to CD-R or MPEG2 to DVD-R.  We can also help with the programming required to loop or navigate through an application using menus.

Demand Printing - Manuals
 We offer production & consulting services for producing  your manuals via Docutech type production methods.  We also support book printing on the Xerox 6135 and 6180  platforms.  

Our services include complete book production from proof to final B&W output with attractive color covers.

 A variety of binding methods are available. 

We can also coordinate a Web-based fulfillment of your book titles.  You pick the title, quantity, and the ship to... we do the rest.

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